Blood, Sweat and Years

By Emily Demel and Kylee Mernagh, Staff writers

Photo by Kyle MooreMrs.-Dugan-Bball

Every year, the senior faculty basketball game is a highly anticipated event, not only by the seniors and faculty, but also by the many underclassmen wanting to see if their favorite teachers or seniors will tear up the court, or walk away with slim to none playing time.

This year was no different, and with many athletes on both teams it was anyone’s guess who was going to win. The senior squad was full of many varsity athletes, while the faculty team had some pretty intimidating players as well. There were many standout athletes on both ends.

Senior Scott Engler scored the first seven points of the game. Reflecting back on how he played he said, “I was thinking we had a pretty controllable lead… but at the end we had sloppy defense and sloppy passes.” Mike Seltenrich came out strong with aggressive defense and back to back threes to bring the game to a nail-biting proximity, but in the end it just wasn’t enough.

The faculty team was stacked with many dominant players who were going to give it their all. Religion teacher Mr. Graver was asked about his defense and said, “As long as I fell, I knew I was trying my hardest.”

Mr. Brown, a controversial choice for the teachers because he’s a substitute, was a leading scorer who even brought the crowd to their feet after dunking the ball. It may have been a close game, but in the end there could be only one winner. The teachers pulled ahead and won 42-38, leaving the seniors disappointed but not discouraged.

Senior Kellie Griffin said, “I think we played pretty well considering the seniors normally get blown out by the teachers.”

Review: Sweetheart falls short of expectations

By Emily Demel, Staff writer

Sweetheart, cleverly named for its proximity to Valentine’s Day, is the most casual of our three formal dances. Given that it is so close to prom, many people treat it very laid back, not wanting to spend much money when the big event is only months away. Even though it is considered as less of a priority to prom or even homecoming, it is still a fun way to get dressed up with all your friends and dance till your feet hurt. The idea of girls asking guys to a dance, as frightening as it seems, is a clever concept that most girls take absolute advantage of. The dance itself has been a favorite of mine since freshman year, but this year it was lacking something.

The decorations were all torn down by the time we arrived, around 9:15, so the gym did not look festive, making the night already lose its effect. The music was not very easy to dance to, possibly because the selections were more carefully monitored this dance, or maybe the DJ just wasn’t up to the task this time. The room started out packed with little room to yourself, but people quickly filtered out as the night drew on. I looked around myself at approximately 10:30 and realized the room was relatively empty. We stayed pretty late but eventually got bored with the song choices and decided it was time to call it a night.

As we were leaving around 10:45, the DJ finally turned on some songs we could dance to, but it was too late. All and all, the night was what you made of it. If you actually danced and tried to have a good time the lack of music and decorations, though disappointing, wasn’t a complete night ruiner.

Rate: C

Saved Through Faith – Ash Wednesday

This is a post from the faith blog by Junior Grace Kelly. Look for a new post every week on for her perspective on our faith and the role faith plays in our lives.

Students were given the opportunity to partake in a beautiful Mass to celebrate the beginning of the Lenten season today for Ash Wednesday. To many people, this means the beginning of a 40-day period of fasting from a certain food, item, or habit.

“Ash Wednesday is a day for us to realize how beautiful repentance is and how merciful God is,” Celeste Thomas said.

But what if you haven’t chosen something to give up? Father Ben gave an eye-opening homily highlighting three key points to making the most of your Lenten fast. His ideas can help students evaluate their chosen fast and not only how it can help them in their faith, but also how it can help others.

“It is so important to remember that we are in a constant need of forgiveness, and as a result, should be in a constant state of conversion,” Corby Redington said. “Ash Wednesday never fails to remind me of how much more I need to do to follow Christ.”

Here are Father Ben’s ideas on Lenten fasting: First, pray more or do something that can strengthen your faith. For many people, prayer itself can strengthen their faith, but maybe go to adoration or a weekday Mass for some spiritual awakening. Secondly, give something up. Like Father Ben said, “Giving up candy is for children,” and in this day and age with all the technology at our disposal, I’m sure we can come up with something to take a break from. For his third tip, Father Ben said to do something to help better the community, such as serving the poor. Both our Diocese and our city have plenty of opportunities to help make a difference in lives from all around the community.

“Ash Wednesday is a humbling experience. It’s that time of year that reminds us of what Christ did for us and the immense love He has for us,” Melissa Klein said.

List: Top Reads

maze runner

Dylan Albers gives his top picks of book series:

  1.  The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The classic trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien puts you on an adventure with the hobbits and others on their journey to Mordor. Though this is a classic example of amazing literature, the length of description and the books themselves offer a hard and tedious read to the audience, putting these books in the No. 5 spot.

  1. The Swindle Series

The Swindle series by Gordon Korman is quite the thrilling series of suspenseful activities of a group of kids who conjure the perfect crime team. Though they are smaller books, each page still packs a punch of excitement, and even comedy, leaving this series in the 4 spot.

  1. The Warrior Heir series

This series, by Cinda Williams Chima, brings you magic in a realistic society. You can enjoy action, reality, and romance all rolled into one series. Each book has different characters with different abilities from the last book. This book holds the No. 3 spot on the list.

  1. The Hoot Series

The Hoot series by Carl Hiaasen consists of a group of teens who work to save exotic animals in different environments. The series consists of Hoot, Flush, Scat, and Chomp. These books will renew your love for animals and the environment, and is a pretty easy read, rating this series as No. 2.

  1. The Maze Runner Series

This series, by James Dashner, puts you in an apocalyptic setting with mysterious events and strange people and beings. The suspense in this book is beyond worth saying, “the suspense is killing me,” because you’ll find yourself powering through the suspense hoping to find the reasons behind the events in this book. In order to find out though, you need to read all three. This amazing series easily gets the No. 1 spot on the list.

List: How to cheer the wrestling team to a victory

Rebecca Rauber, wrestling manager, on five things a rookie wrestling fan needs to know:

  1. Pin: The goal of wrestling is to get the opponent on their back. If the Carroll wrestler is on top, then yell happy cheers such as “Stick him!” If the Carroll guy is on bottom, then yell something like “Get off your back!”
  2. Singlet: That outfit most people call an onesie is actually called a singlet. A leotard is also not an acceptable name because they are wrestlers not ballerinas.
  3. It’s harder than it looks: Even though a six-minute match with breaks every two minutes may seem like a cakewalk, the wrestlers are in a constant power struggle mentally and physically for every second of the match. So before you yell “Come on dude just stand up,” remember that the wrestler is probably way more fit than you.
  4. I promise we feed them…sometimes: The wrestlers have to make weight the morning before each competition. The emphasis is more on eating healthy portions but a midnight run to Taco Bell is not a good idea.
  5. They can’t hear you: No matter how loud you yell, the wrestlers cannot hear you. Those earmuff looking things called headgear block out pretty much all noise so yell for your own entertainment as a spectator

    Photo by Kyle Moore

    Photo by Kyle Moore

Kansas City Royals Pre-Season talk

Flyer members Brett Cass and Caleb Hudspeth talk about the Royals and how they have holes to fill before the 2015 Opening Day.

Caleb:  I believe that pitcher James Shields was probably the biggest loss to the Royals in the offseason after his performance for them in the World Series. What do you think?

Brett: I agree. James Shields was without a doubt the ace of the Royals Roster last year. He was a huge innings eater for the Royals and was able to defeat some of baseball’s best lineups, like the Angels and the Orioles. Without him, the Royals are without a clear leader in the pitching rotation. It will be interesting to see which guy steps up to the ace spot this season.

C: With one week left until pitcher and catchers report, I’m interested to see what pitcher stand out for the royals. Brandon Finnegan and Danny Duffy were two pitchers mentioned a lot throughout the 2014 season and had an impact for the Royals bullpen. Shields was the lead pitcher for the royals but I believe that either Duffy or Finnegan will step up and lead the bullpen in 2015.

B: Both of those guys were great in the Royals bullpen, but the pitcher I’m most excited to watch for the Royals this season is Yordano “Ace” Ventura. He won 14 and lost only 10 last year, which is very impressive considering it was his rookie year. He throws 100+ mph and I think that with experience his natural ability will make him the clear ace for the Royals soon.

C: Danny Duffy having more experience on the team may lead the bullpen this year. Having started more games than Ventura, Ned Yost and the rest of the royals may rely on him at the start of the season. Ventura has an impressive record starting 24 games his rookie season. Duffy having started in 2011 has won 17 and lost 22. This should be an impressive challenge to find a starter for the ALCS champion royals.

B: Although the Royals lost Shields, I don’t think this will hurt them too much in the long run this season. The Royals have no shortage of strong arms in their bullpen, and I think that pitchers like Duffy, Ventura, and Finnegan will step it up this year and put up great numbers for the Royals.

Saved Through Faith – “Shoulders”

This is a post from the faith blog by Junior Grace Kelly. Look for a new post every week on for her perspective on our faith and the role faith plays in our lives.

I look up to the mountains. Does my strength come from the mountains? No. My strength comes from God, Who made heaven and earth, and the mountains.

The words above are the introduction to a song I recently discovered as I was driving home after a Saturday morning ballet class. I was sitting at a stoplight near my house and, while flipping through radio stations, I landed on a Christian station and started listening to the lyrics to what turned out to be “Shoulders” by For King & Country.

When confusion’s my companion and despair holds me for ransom, I will feel no fear. I know that You are near.

When I’m caught deep in the valley with chaos for my company, I’ll find my comfort here ’cause I know that You are near.

As I was listening to it, I felt an immediate difference in my attitude towards the rest of my day. I felt calm and at peace with whatever God had in plan for me and, for the few minutes I spent sitting in my driveway to finish the song, I had completely forgotten about all of my stress.

My help comes from You. You’re right here, pulling me through. You carry my weakness, my sickness, my brokenness all on Your shoulders, Your shoulders. My help comes from You. You are my rest, my rescue. I don’t have to see to believe that You’re lifting me up on Your shoulders, Your shoulders.

This song relates to many parts of my life. While I don’t actually have OCD, I have some OCD tendencies. I’m meticulous with planning out every minute of my life, write down everything so I don’t forget anything, and so on and so forth. This is just my personality and my tendencies often cause me a lot of stress, which in turn, my doctor has said causes my major headaches.

Songs like this speak to me because knowing God will lift all the weight from my shoulders and put it on Himself relieves me of so much of my stress. God has a plan and He’s right there ready to help carry us along with our troubles to get us to where He means for us to be. He loves us so much and all He wants is to see us succeed and He’s happy to lend a hand whenever we ask Him for His help.

Philippians 4:6-7 reads, “Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

We were never meant to handle our troubles all by ourselves. Jesus Christ came and died on the cross for our sins and He carried those burdens for us so that we may once again live with Him in heaven.

“My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” – Psalm 121:2

Check out and listen to “Shoulders”  from for KING & COUNTRY’s new album, RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG.

Coach Schuckman Reacts to Superbowl Final Play

Super Bowl XLIX was very competitive, as both the Seahawks and the Patriots brought their A-game. The first quarter was a slow one for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson was having difficulty completing passes to his receivers, and the Seahawks defense just couldn’t find a way to stop Tom Brady and the Patriot offense from gaining yards. Receiver Julian Edelman and tight end Rob Gronkowski both had good games for the Patriots and each scored a touchdown. But by the second quarter, Russell Wilson, Chris Matthews, and Marshawn Lynch began to heat up. After a very risky touchdown pass from Wilson to Matthews with time running out in the quarter, the Seahawks had the game tied by the half.

After the halftime show starring Katy Perry, the game picked up fast from where it left off and the Seahawks seemed to have the advantage. A field goal at the beginning of the third quarter gave them their first lead of the game, and after holding the Patriots to 14, they scored again, making it 14-24. The Patriots answered in the fourth with two touchdowns, making it 28-24. With two minutes left on the clock, the Seahawks managed to get the football to 1st and goal after a freak catch by Jermaine Kearse and a run by Lynch. The Seahawks seemed to be in perfect position to run the football into the end zone and win the game as the clock died down to 20 seconds.

But they didn’t. Instead of letting Lynch run the ball to victory like everyone thought they would, Russell Wilson attempted to pass the ball for the game winning touchdown. It was intercepted by rookie Malcolm Butler, and all hope of winning was lost for Seattle. Although many people think this was one of the worst play calls in Super Bowl history, Bishop Carroll head coach Alan Schuckman disagrees.

“It wasn’t a bad play by the Seahawks, it was just a really good play by the Patriots,” he said.

Although disappointing for many Seahawks fans, this year’s super bowl was very competitive and it lived up to the name. The competition was intense, and there were many dramatic plays. History was made as Tom Brady won his 4th Super Bowl. And it finished with an exciting bang with an on field fight between the two teams.

Written by Brett Cass and Kyle Moore